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Philadelphia Wrongful Termination Lawyers

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Philadelphia Wrongful Termination Lawyers

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Wrongful Termination

Wrongful termination is the act of firing or discharging a person from employment for unlawful or unfair reasons. A wrongful termination does not apply in every case of employment termination. In Pennsylvania and most states, an employer employs an employee “at-will.” What this means is that employment is optional. An employer is generally under no obligation to keep an at-will employee. A wrongful termination does not apply in most cases.

Wrongful termination applies in situations where an employer fires a contracted employee without cause. Imagine a situation where your employer promised employment for a period of three years. Suddenly, your superiors decide to go with someone else. The reason they give is a thin veil.

You know better than to believe them, and so do we. At Freundlich & Littman, LLC, we have the experience and determination to get our clients full compensation for their wrongful termination.

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At-Will vs. Just Cause

How do you know if you are an at-will employee? Unless your employment contract or handbook specifies otherwise, you are likely an at-will employee. The default in many states is at-will employment. It is especially true if there is no language that would indicate otherwise. Pennsylvania is one of those states.

An employer can only fire a “just cause” employee for good reason. These employees typically sign a contractual agreement to stay on with the employer. Usually, the contract will detail what constitutes “just cause.” If the contract does not define just cause, the employee handbook will likely tell you. It does not mean that you cannot find yourself without a job. Rather, it means that it is more difficult to fire you than an at-will employee. Typically, good reason means things like stealing from work, fighting on the job, or any other examples of gross misconduct. These acts of gross misconduct are such that you will likely let go immediately or after progressive discipline.

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Public Policy

If your employer terminated you in violation of your contract we can help you recover. Wrongful termination exceptions for the at-will employee In Pennsylvania, any employee can sue for wrongful discharge or termination only in certain circumstances. In order to have a legally actionable case for wrongful termination, the discharge must violate “public policy.”

Public policy is anything that is so against public decency or the moral good. The courts in Pennsylvania have detailed a variety of reasons that constitutes of violation of public policy. You may have a case of wrongful termination if your employers fired you after any of the following:

  • Attempts to coerce you into committing a crime
  • Obeying the law
  • Showing up for jury duty
  • Refusal to comply with a lie detector test
  • Refusing to serve alcohol to a visibly intoxicated individual
  • Following government regulations for the use and handling of nuclear waste
  • The law otherwise prohibited the action

The law is clear. Your employer cannot fire you for reasons that violate public policy. The law defines public policy in a number of ways. Keep in mind that the aforementioned list is not exhaustive. If your employer terminated you following a refusal to engage in a practice that is against public policy, you have options.

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What You Can Do

Following a wrongful termination or discharge, you can sue your employer to recover lost wages and future earnings. You may also recover any other financial injury that you experienced as a result of the wrongful termination.

We are Philadelphia-based attorneys experienced in handling wrongful terminations. We are here to help you recover. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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