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Frequently Asked Questions

What Can I Expect In A Marine Insurance Policy?

Marine insurance policies tend to have it all, including the kitchen sink. It makes sense, as boats typically sit unattended at a marina or a dock. Otherwise, a boat sits in storage during the colder months. Marine insurance, therefore, covers things like natural disaster damage, theft, coverage for accidents, and other intentional and unintentional acts upon your property.

Due to the nature of a boat and other similar vessels, it is important to have an insurance policy that will provide wide coverage with larger payouts in case of an insurance claim. An accident, even if unintentional, can lead to high costs if you do not carry marine insurance. Insurance is a good idea to protect against financial ruin.

What Do I Do If I Was In A Boating Accident?

Accidents involving boats, ships, or other motorized water vehicles are similar to accidents on dry land. This means that the procedure is the same. After an accident, you might worry about your legal rights and responsibilities. First, contact legal representation to understand where you stand.

Immediately following the accident, make sure to seek medical care if needed. If the boating accident involved other people or property belonging to others, call the police. A police report is an essential piece of evidence required by many marine insurance companies. Any further evidence will be helpful to your insurance claim. This means that it is time to get out your camera and take pictures of the damage, especially following a storm. In addition, follow the guide of your legal counsel regarding your actions and preservation of evidence.

What Should I Do Next?

If your marine insurance company does not offer you a settlement in accordance with what you need, do not agree to it. Before agreeing or denying an offer, seek the advice of legal counsel. You deserve a dedicated and professional marine claims team behind you. We can help you.

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