Life Insurance Claims

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Frequently Asked Questions

Lodging A Life Insurance Claim

After a loved one dies, contact the insurance company to lodge your claim. The insurance company, with luck, will process the claim without difficulty. If not, then immediately contact a life insurance claim lawyer.
There are common reasons why a life insurance company denies claims, including:

  • Type of death not covered in policy (typically suicide)
  • The death occurred within the “contestability” phase: this means that you died too soon. It allows the insurance company to investigate the death. Insurance companies assume that a terminally ill person lied on their application in order to get insurance coverage. It could just be a coincidence. Still, insurance companies will deny first and interrogate later. This is the time to hire an attorney.
  • Failure to disclose important facts
  • Failure to meet terms under the policy (typically unpaid premiums.

What If The Insurance Company Will Not Pay?

If your insurance company denies your claim, you have options. After a denial, you should immediately seek legal counsel. It may be just a something small which caused the denial of benefits like an error in the paperwork. It further helps to have legal representation.

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