Insurance Denials

Insurance Denials Attorney Philadelphia

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Would I Get Denied?

Insurance claims can get denied for many reasons. The common reasons for a denial are mistakes in the filing, abnormal costs for repairs, inadequate coverage, or some complicated loophole in your insurance plan. Insurance companies are looking for fraudulent claims. As a result, insurance companies tend to automatically deny a claim if something does not appear to be completely legal – at least on paper.

In the event of a denial, your call should be to an insurance denial lawyer. Having legal help through this process is crucial, especially for more expensive problems.

What Are My Rights?

Knowing your rights for insurance purposes is important. The best place to start is your insurance policy. Try to keep an updated copy of your policy in your personal records for quick access when something happens. Reading your policy and understanding it will help reduce the chances that your insurance company will deny the claim. It will reduce the chance that you will apply for benefits that you are not entitled to.

If your insurance company denies the claim, they must tell you why. If the insurance company does not provide a reason for the denial, then call an insurance representative to discuss it. It might only be a small mistake which caused the denial.

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