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Frequently Asked Questions

My House Has Damage: What Are My First Steps?

After someone or something damages your home, your first step is to protect your legal rights. This is very important to keep in mind at all times during the insurance process. The best protection of your legal rights is home insurance claims lawyer. They have the resources and time to fight for you. After your home faces serious damage, you will likely be living elsewhere. The last thing you should have to handle is your insurance fight.

After securing legal representation, you should first follow their expert advice. Likely, your next step is to contact the police if necessary. You should call the police in instances of vandalism, intentional destruction by another person, or if someone’s accident caused the damage. The police will be able to investigate and provide you with a detailed report for the insurance company.

Incidentally, the next call is the insurance company. It is common for there to be some delays if a natural disaster occurred in your area. Still, the insurance company cannot arbitrarily delay your claim for an unreasonable length of time. The claim process may require picture evidence of your damaged property. Even if you are not required to do so at this stage, take pictures anyway and store in a safe place.

If you need to leave your home, keep your receipts. Some insurances will reimburse you for hotel or motel stays during the time that you could not live in the home. Know that some insurance policies may cap the reimbursable amount.

The Insurance Adjuster Knocked On My Door

Insurance companies do not always send in an insurance adjuster. For homeowner’s claims, insurance adjusters are common. Home repairs can reach into the several thousand. Your home may need to be completely rebuilt. Adjusters work as a mediator. Keep in mind that they do not have your sole interest at heart. Only a homeowner’s insurance attorney has the capacity to completely care for your legal interests. The job of the insurance adjuster, rather, is to provide an overall cost to the damage and assess what the insurance company needs to pay.

As part of their job, these adjusters will walk around the property. They may even ask you questions surrounding the claim. On one level, their job is to weed out fraud and pay for actual claims. On another level, they may nitpick to get your insurance company out of paying. After their assessment, they will likely tender an offer to you. This is an offer and not a contract. If you do not agree with this offer, you may legally decline it.

Most importantly, seek the expert advice of your homeowner’s insurance attorney. They will be able to counsel you. The offer may be the best option for you, but it may not. Do not let panic or persuasion push you into a decision.

I Filed My Claim. What Can I Expect?

There are several avenues that a homeowner’s insurance company may take. First, they can accept your claim. This is the best case scenario for your family. The next possibility is that the insurance company needs more information. This is not a denial. The circumstances around your insurance policy may just need clarification.

This process is an examination under oath. An examination under oath is a legal proceeding conducted under the threat of perjury. You will receive a summons to appear for the examination. No matter what the summons says, you may have legal representation present with you.

The next outcome is a complete denial of benefits under your policy. There are many sneaky ways in which an insurance company can deny benefits. Some ways are legal and others are unsavory.
No matter the outcome, contact legal representation today to discuss your options.

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