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Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits of Commercial Insurance

Commercial insurance policies cover the most common areas of legal trouble for businesses. This includes workmen’s compensation and auto insurance for work vehicles. General liability insurance and “umbrella” insurance are general protections. They cover personal injuries related to the business and anything else that may fall outside.

As a business owner, it is important to have at least general liability insurance. For small claims, it is easier to have your insurance deal with it.

Commercial insurance also protects physical damage done to your property by looters, cars, and Acts of God. In the event of property damage, your priority is maintaining all the evidence. It is important that you take pictures and properly document of all the damage.

If necessary, call the police. The police will give you a full report for your records. Any forms that you sign or fill out in connection with your insurance claim should be in your personal records. Keep all documents in a safe place until the insurance claim process is complete. If your business loses profit, keep records of your lost profits in case of a lawsuit.

What Happens With The Claim?

Your insurance company may assign your claim to an insurance adjuster. The job of the adjuster is to save the insurance company money, determine the insurance company’s liability and put a monetary value on your claim. At some point, your company’s representative will contact you.

Their agent will ask you many questions about your claim. They may even call you into an examination under oath. If you find yourself with a summons to an examination under oath, do not hesitate to contact an experienced insurance attorney. During this whole process, the insurance company is not on your side. Having a lawyer to fight for you will make the process smoother.

The insurance adjuster will offer you an initial settlement offer that is congruent with how much they think the claim is worth. If the amount is not enough to cover everything and you feel entitled to more, make sure to deny the initial offer. Contact an attorney immediately to discuss the validity of your claim. An attorney will have the negotiation skills necessary to get your insurance company to comply.

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