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How Do I Know When I Breached a Contract? Title

Most times, a well-written contract will include a list of things that will breach the contract. If you ever need to know what terms break the contract, you should look first to the contract that you signed. There will likely be several clauses on breaches.

If the terms are not explicit, there are some general things that will breach a contract. For an employment contract for an actor or actress, the actor or actress will commit to temporary employment for as long as the project takes. If that project is a play, for instance, refusal to perform in the play, missing performances, or accepting a role in another play is a breach of contract.

For mortgages or other personal loans, a breach can occur if you stop making payments during a repayment period. The economic crises of the last few years have made it difficult to repay loans on time. If you meet with your loan provider to discuss or refinance a loan, it does not put your loan in breach of contract. This simply allows the parties to a contract the ability to renegotiate the terms of the contract.

Parties to a contract can always agree to either relieve the other of the terms of the contract or cancel the contract the contract altogether. A breach occurs when only one party to the contract decides to stop performing according to the terms of the contract.

Consequences of a Breach of Contract

Breaches of contract occur quite often, perhaps more often than people realize. More often than not, the breach is small and the parties both agree that it is not worth fighting over. If you miss or are late on a payment for a loan, chances are that your loan provider will not find you in total breach of the contract. Many providers allow grace periods for their customers to settle up all their past due amounts. It is major breaches that normally get noticed. In commercial contracts, the contract will list out consequences for a breach of contract.

Again, contract law is not always clear, so we have simplified the law for the sake of brevity and clarity. Breaches of contracts have consequences. If you are thinking of breaching a contract or you think someone has breached a contract, contact the experienced contract attorneys at Freundlich & Littman today.

Contractual litigation can be very extremely complicated. If you find yourself the victim of a breach, your option to recover damages is to sue. Suing over contracts is complex. It is advised that you have well-seasoned contract attorneys fighting for you. We at Freundlich & Littman are here to handle your contract disputes and breaches. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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