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Accident Lawyer Philadelphia – Railing Failure

Railing Failures Balconies are great, are they not? You may have a breathtaking view. If you are in the City of Philadelphia, it provides a nice way to get outside for a quick minute if you live in an apartment building. As we all know, apartment buildings in Philadelphia are not always the most cared […]

Philadelphia Injury Lawyer – Dog Bite Lawyer

    Dog Bites Dogs are a man’s best friend, or so they say. Dogs can be very adorable and furry, even though they can tear your furniture up when you are at work. It is hard to imagine that dogs were once ferocious, undomesticated creatures who roamed free. Dogs have natural instincts to hunt […]

Insurance & Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Motorcycle Accident Lawyers       Motorcycle Accidents We all know the phrase, “accidents happen”. It’s an unfortunate product of driving around in the modern world. People make mistakes. Those mistakes have the probability to cause a serious, sometimes fatal, accident. People text and drive too fast, or are impaired when they drive making matters […]

Philadelphia Personal Injury – Collapse Lawyers

            Philadelphia Personal Injury Collapse Lawyers Balcony Collapses Balcony collapses have come into the news a lot recently. Between fire escapes, balconies, and decks collapsing, people are getting severely injured or even losing their lives. Unfortunately, balcony collapses happen all too often. Balcony collapses can be the result of too […]

Car Accident Attorneys – UIM/UM Benefits

What are UIM/UM Benefits? It’s a scary thought. Imagine that you are driving on 95 or the Vine Street Expressway. If you have ever driven on these busy roadways, you know that people can tend to drive erratically. You are driving around fully insured when someone cuts into your lane and hits your car. You […]

Employment Lawyer – Sexual Harassment

SEXUAL HARASSMENT IN THE WORKPLACE You may be thinking: I have never sexually harassed anyone at my job…have I? I think I may be a victim, but how can I be sure? Chances are that you have no idea what sexual harassment is. Courts have difficulty pinning down the definition too. You are not alone. […]

Insurance Lawyer – Examination Under Oath

Preparing for an Examination under Oath There are many situations where you might be required to take an oath. The experienced insurance attorneys at Freundlich & Littman, LLC want you to be prepared for an examination under oath. An examination under oath is a relatively routine procedure. If you are prepared for the questions you […]

Landlord Tenant Lawyers – What Are My Landlord's Responsibilities?

Landlord Responsibilities During Inclement Weather Whether you rent a property from a management company or a private owner, there are particular responsibilities that your landlord must meet. These responsibilities will either be defined by your leasing contract or local ordinances. The responsibilities of the landlord or the landlord’s agent can differ depending on whether you […]